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C$ 650.00
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In the Dermaplaning Course for Clinical Esthetician Training you will learn how to thoroughly exfoliate the skin with a dermaplaning tool. It helps to minimize imperfections, remove fine lines while improving texture (think silky smooth skin) and removes vellus hairs!

Dermaplaning increases product penetration and results are instant. You will learn to safely and effectively remove the stratum corneum skin cells using a surgical blade. This requires skill and training to perfect, but this skill can boost your revenue as well as your skincare treatment results! Offer as a signature new treatment or an add on to an existing treatment.

  • Dermaplaning theory
  • Practical/hands on
  • Treatment and guidelines
  • Review of indications and contraindications
  • Before and after patient care
  • Treatment and technical demonstration
  • Certification testing



C$ 1,550.00
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The Facials Course I for clinical esthetics training, teaches you about dermal aging, how to analyze different skin types, skin conditions, disorders and diseases. Classification of moles, tags, & pigmentation type disorders of the skin. Reasons for facial massage and techniques. A how to for extractions, skin healing & rejuvenation techniques for professionals.

  • Facials Theory
  • Health Board Sanitation Standards for the Med-spa
  • Product knowledge and usage protocols
  • Indications and contraindications
  • Before and after patient care
  • Treatment guidelines & technical how to
  • Certification testing