Laser Skin Treatments

Laser Genesis (Laser Facial) – Skin Rejuvenation with no Down Time


If your looking for that youthful glow then having Laser Genesis treatments are for you (also known as a Laser Facial).  Its a comfortable and effective treatment that improves the look and feel of the skin with no down-time! The laser heats up the middle layer of your skin resulting in collagen & fibroblast growth!


It targets red pigments and scar tissue. You will see your skin glowing after the treatment and it will reduce and improve redness, Rosacea, fine lines, wrinkles, pore size, uneven texture, and acne scarring for over-all younger and healthier skin. For best results, you should have 3-5 treatments separated by 2-4 weeks each.

Dark skin_edited-1.jpg

The best thing about Laser Genesis is that this is not a cosmetic band-aid. Through the formation of new collagen, your skin is actually becoming healthier as wrinkles are erased. This procedure is perfect preparation for a big event, or for anyone who wants to have overall healthier, younger looking skin.

Photofacial-Treatment-of-Uneven-Skin-Tone.pngTreatments take approximately 20 minutes, are rather painless, and can be done every 4 weeks. This is a popular treatment because of the excellent results with minimal to no downtime. Besides being effective on the face, it is also safe on the body: hands, back, chest, arms and legs.


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6 thoughts on “Laser Skin Treatments

  1. Great Needful information about skin treatment …


    1. Thank you. Its good to be informed for sure. 🙂


  2. The article is wonderful. I love this blog


    1. Thank you! My main goal is to put as much info out there that I can to help people understand skin care.


  3. Hello! That’s information I’m looking for about skin treatment. I’m using the same skin treatment method call Dr.Dermic…


    1. There are similar treatments out there from lasers with 1064 capabilities, I believe that Cutera’s Laser Genesis is the only one that claims they can laser tanned skin as of yet! Good luck with your skin journey! 🙂


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