Keeping your hands looking youthful!

We work really hard to keep laugh lines and wrinkles on our face and body at bay by taking extra good care of our epidermis and some times that involves seeing a great Clinical Esthetcian!  But what do you do about those two things by your side that are dead giveaways to your real age? What about the aging signs on your hands? Here are a number of great ways to keep your hands looking young and attractive!a4301aeb60549218a99aac9c1db2eb64.jpg

Make sure to keep your hands moisturized! At least apply a good quality lotion each day, and of course a specifically formulated hand cream is even better. Lock in the moisture after hand washing, baths, showers and  dishes for smooth, younger looking hands.

Wearing sunscreen. Sun damage is the biggest culprit of photo-damaged hands. Wearing a moisturizer with SPF30 will double the protection of your youthful hands. Sunscreen is so important because the sun will get your skin while doing simple tasks such as driving.


Exfoliation, sloughing off dead skin will keep your hands looking fresh and have a dewy glow. You can even make your own hand exfoliator by combining:

DIY Exfoliator.

  • 1/2 cup olive oil
  • 1/2 cup sea salt or sugar

Get a manicure, but give the polish and dragon-lady nails a rest every once in a while. Showing some love to your cuticles and nails is important to keeping your hands looking young. You could also forego the “fake” look altogether for a more youthful and classic appearance or at least give your nails a break in between manicures so they can recover from the last visit.


Lighten those spots away. Age spots aren’t forever! You can get laser photo-rejuvination for your body and hands to remove any sight of photo-damage from the sun or other lifestyle factors. Services that are offered at Wild Rose Esthetica Inc. according to Clinical Esthetician Rachel Hudson who has the treatments done regularly.

Cover those precious hands by wearing gloves while gardening, cleaning or dishes. Water is actually not an ally of your hands as it washes away the precious layer of protective oils that we produce on the tops of our hands.  So be sure to wear a protective glove while doing chores around the home to prevent  harsh soaps and hot water from ruining your skin and nails.

There are a couple of laser treatments that would not only stimulate your skin to produce more new collagen and elastin but zap away those age-spots! Your hands will thank you!

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