At Wild Rose Esthetica we offer the best laser practices in Calgary ensuring your safety above all with minimal downtime.

Because Laser Hair Removal and aesthetics are not regulated in western Canada, We employ only certified Estheticians who’ve studied at accredited institutions such as The Esthetics Institute and other means of continued education.

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We offer:

The methods of Laser Skin Rejuvination, Facials, Chemical Peels and other products we use are actually very natural and use the body’s own healing abilities to look younger by building collagen, promoting elasticity and tightening pores; without changing the underlying structure of your face. A perfect example of someone who’s not had injections but taken care of their epidermis is Jamie Lee Curtis!


Change in facial structure through fillers and botox can be large catalysts of visible aging.)

We also offer Laser Hair Removal for the entire body for men and women, Our Medical Grade Gold Standard Laser will give you 82% reduction after only 3 treatments!

Rachel Hudson:
Clinical Esthetician, Laser Tech, Microblading Artist, & Microdermabrasion Specialist.


Rachel, born and raised in Calgary Alberta, is a trained and certified Laser Technician and Advanced Skin Care Specialist. Having had personal experience with various skin care and laser Hair Removal and Rejuvination Treatments herself she understands what a difference it can make. This experience is what made her passionate about helping others and making sure they get the same quality of treatments.

After many years in the corporate world and owning a business, she has gained over 20 years of experience in client care and personalized service. Rachel continues to expand her knowledge with new skin care procedures and technologies to ensure clients always receive positive results.

Akvile Griguolaite:
Clinical Esthetician, Laser Technician & Microdermabrasion Specialist.


Akvile, a native of Lithuania began her aesthetic journey in the arts acquiring a Bachelor’s Degree. Upon moving to Canada her career in making things beautiful switched gears towards people instead of things.

She is a trained and certified Advanced Skin Care Specialist and Laser Technician who studied in the field not only of laser hair removal and laser photo-rejuvenation but also in the field of Laser Tattoo Removal and extensively enjoys seeing the results of her clients. She is a dedicated skin care therapist with many years of client care under her belt. She works hard to resolve the concerns of each individual she sees in her practice.

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